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From the Weather Channel app on my Droid 4: Heat advisory remains in effect until 9 pm CDT Wednesday. Temperatures today will climb to around 100 degrees..with highs 100 to 104 on Wednesday. Heat indices will peak between 100 and 107 degrees. If current forecasts hold, then additional heat advisories and warnings will likely be issued for Thursday into Friday. A heat advisory means that a period of hot weather is expected. High temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a situation in which heat illnesses are possible. Drink plenty of fluids..stay in air conditioned rooms. Stay out of the sun. Check in on relatives and neighbors…..

My totally unprofessional take on all of this: It’s effing hot out there!!!!  Heck yes, I’m going to be drinking lots of water and staying in my air-conditioned house. Bears may hibernate in the winter months, but good golly, I’m ready to hibernate in my basement until mid-September right about now. I really despise this hot and humid weather. The beauty of where we live is that we get to experience 4 seasons. The downside?? We get to experience the extremes of all 4 seasons, too. Right now we’re dealing with the extremes that summer in the Midwest has to offer. Extremely hot. Very humid. Severe drought. Plentiful sun.

I don’t like being hot. It makes me feel tight in my own skin. I hate it when I sweat just because I’m sitting in a chair drinking a glass of water. That’s just not right. I’m not earning that sweat…it’s being sucked out of me just because I’m living and breathing. I don’t like my clothes clinging to my body because I’m just a little bit moist from the sweat. I don’t glisten. No. I sweat buckets. My hair gets big…and frizzy. I am forced to pull it back into a pony tail most days to keep it from taking over the world. I get puffy, and crabby, and have the patience of a gnat. My asthma can act up, so I have to gasp for air,and live most of my days in air conditioned safe havens. Yep, I’m a real peach in this weather. (Hubz is one lucky guy!)

Then there’s Tate. Tate has never, ever tolerated heat well. He gets clammy slimy and sweaty. He gets really flushed, and because of his inability to process extreme heat or cold, he doesn’t realize that he’s overheating. We have to watch him like a hawk. He refuses to drink when he’s overheated, too…which is probably the worst thing ever because he dehydrates more quickly. And he vomits. One of these days I know we’ll end up in the ER. Yesterday, his camp group was outside playing. His therapist said he was playing in the sand, and all of the sudden just sat down. The color drained from his face, and yep, he got sick. He was kind of off all day after that.

Tate’s undesired behaviors tend to spike a bit when he’s struggling with the heat. He stims more. He fidgets with his clothes, especially his underwear waistband in the back. He reverts to echolalia. He whines. Oh, the whining….He can’t listen to direction. He’s fighting so hard to stay upright and function that he can barely attend and participate in conversation and play. All he seems to be comfortable doing is sitting in the basement playing Mario. My heart breaks for him.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re going to have to deal with this for a while. The forecast is showing 90’s and 100’s until at least early next week. We only have “slight chances” of rain and storms at night on a few of the days.  We’ve had nine consecutive months of above average temperatures and below average precipitation. So everything is shriveling and wilting…everything and everyone.


Comments on: "It’s a Heat Wave…." (4)

  1. So sorry the heat is getting to you all. (Although hanging out in the basement with some Mario doesn’t sound that bad to me!) I say go for ice cream, Popsicles and a little personal fan where there is air conditioning! Poor Tate! Maybe some Gatorade? Hope you have a nice cool plan for the 4th!

    • Yesterday the boys played in the “extreme” slip & slide/pool and I stayed in the shade with my ice water and personal misting fan. Tate drank lemonade for us, so it was a win!

  2. Hooray for the midwest — NOT. Yeah, I’m an Ohio gal, so I totally know your pain. And I totally TOTALLY know your pain with a kid who has problems in the heat.

    We call Little Miss “Shaq-ette” during the summer. Think back to Shaq’s glory days playing basketball with the Heat… the dude was like a walking sweat waterfall… I mean dripping off his nose, his chin, everything. He was probably the direct result of employment for at least three of those sweat mopper guys at the games.

    Little Miss is the same way. We go outside on a hot day and her hair is instantly soaked. The sweat pours off the kid… and her autism symptoms? They start to go off. the. wall.

    Hang in there my friend. It’s only 2 months till September, right?

    • Sorry you feel our pain…but at least we’re not alone. 🙂 Hope you guys were able to stay cool yesterday! Yes, 2 more months…2 more months..

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