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Superior Summer Plans?

Yesterday I was sitting at our YMCA, aka “The Y”, and was watching Jake during swimming lessons. Tate was with me, playing a game on my phone. Cole was in the childcare room.

To back-track, Jake does swimming lessons not so much because he can’t swim (he is quite a fish, actually), but because it helps him organize and gain coordination and confidence. He loves being in the water.

Ok, back to my story….we were sitting there and two other women sat next to us. They have kids around the same age as mine. The one has a son who is on Jake’s lacrosse team. The other has a son and a daughter right in the age range of my older 2 boys. We said polite hello’s and went about our own activities.

As I sat and played word games with Tate, which work on his speech/language skills, these other 2 women talked about their plans for the summer. They were like 2 teenagers, who talked just loud enough that the rest of us could hear all about how fantastic they are. You know what I mean…. I have to say, must be nice to have ridiculous money.

(I am paraphrasing what I heard. Some words may be different…but you get the gist.)

Mom A: So, we’re going to our beach house for a month. Then, we have a week here, then we go with our friends from (nearby affluent town) to their house for a week. I am putting the kids in day camp here at the Y for a week, because I have stuff to get done. And then it’s time for football training. (FYI, football is HUGE around here.)

Mom B: Wow! You’re busy. We’re going to Traverse City (MI), and we’re doing a long weekend in California. The kids can’t wait to go swimming…they are in the water for 8 hours a day, I swear. We’ll hit the shops, and can’t wait to go to all of the cute local restaurants…sit out on the patios, drinking my wine…this one place has an area where the kids go play. It’s fantastic. We’re opening our pool this weekend, too….

Mom A: Oh, sounds great. Have you got your bathing suit yet?

Mom B: Ugghhh, yes. I need to lose some weight.

Mom A: oh, you look great!

Mom B: Oh, thanks. Hey, we should have you guys on the boat before you leave! The kids can play on the beach, we can have our wine…Husband can grill out. It will be great!

Mom A: Yes! We must do that! I could have my friend cater it, if you want–she’s like Martha Stewart!

They then proceeded to talk about needing massages and mani-pedi’s and favorite stylists at the local spa. Mom A dropped the name of a few boutiques. Mom B complained about her tailor. Mom A made a joke about needing a job to fund her fun stuff. Mom B said that she thought about it, but it just isn’t worth it because it would bump them into the next tax bracket, and ugh who wants that?!

I was about to roll my eyes so hard that it would have been heard, but I used restraint. I just exhaled deeply.

I wasn’t jealous of the other women….I was just amazed by their behavior during their conversation. Like they had to prove to each other how awesome they were. Or to the rest of us. All I was worried about was making sure that my kid didn’t start his potty-talk echolalia in super-loud volume….I am in such a different place than those women.

Would I love to have a summer house or rent a place for a couple of weeks?? Sure…but I just have other priorities right now. Our fabulous summer plans include therapy and summer school and daycamp. And time at the local beach, spraypark, neighborhood park, the zoo, and our own backyard. We will roast marshmallows, and grill out. We’ll get ice-cream, and go for walks around the block while we lick popsicles and allow the juice to dribble down our chins. We’ll have sleepovers in the basement and scooter races in the driveway. It isn’t expensive or glamorous…but it will be fun.


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  1. I have not had the “pleasure” of listening to one of these conversations in a long, long time. Thanks for reminding me what I’m NOT missing! C’mon if I “rented a house” for a couple weeks Toots would be dysregulated and so thrown off routine he’d be engaged in non-stop meltdowns! Give me routine with a sticky popsicle any day of the week over that stuff! And btw – I’m getting my first pedicure ever in a couple of days for my birthday… wanna come out and go with me? You can stay with your California friend and talk just loud enough for them to hear you… 😉

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