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That’s Fresh

Some days you are the winshield. Some days you are the bug. Today, I am the bug–splat!  – My facebook status yesterday @ 4:30-ish

Yesterday afternoon we were doing our mad dash to OT. Tate was oddly quiet. He suddenly said, “oooohhh, I’m so sick.” I asked if he was ok. He used his script, “I’m fine.” Then, he wasn’t. He asked for a paper towel and proceeded to puke all over himself.

We pulled into the OT’s parking lot, and I cleaned him up. After wiping off the majority of his gunk, I ran in and told our OT that Tate was covered in puke and I had no other clothes. We cancelled the session.

On the way home, Tate fell fast asleep. I figured he would. Jake shouted from the back seat, “Mom, that stinks!” I validated his opinion, but we were stuck with it until we got home.

As I pulled into the driveway, happy as all get-out that we could, indeed, get out of the smelly car, Tate awoke and continued his meltdown. Fun, fun times..

Eventually, we made it into the house. I cleaned up Tate, and he changed his clothes. He wanted to play with his Mario game. I asked Jake to come into the kitchen so I could quiz him on his spelling words. He sassed me. I told him to cut it out. He came and sat down, and we started reviewing his words.

Somewhere in the action of quizzing Jake on his spelling words, he got fed up. He growled at me. I gave him a first warning. He was in a mood…

Me: Spell short-er, shorter.
J: no, you spell shorter. (Sticks tongue out.)
Me: this is your 2nd warning. Please spell shorter.
J: (in mocking-tone) This is your second warn-
Me: That’s enough.
J: (mocking tone) That’s enough.
Me: snort. Giggle. Ahem. You can go to your room.
J: (smiling because I was stupid enough to laugh) You go to your room.
Me: Seriously. Room. Now. (My smile was gone.)
J: seriously. Roo-
Me: do it again, and you will lose tv for tonight.
J: Do it again, and you’ll lose tv…
Me: We’re done. Go to your room.
J: No!
Me: then go in the other room and sit in the chair for 10 minutes. Oh, and no TV.
J: No fair!
Me: GO!

Jake went into the other room. Cole followed to see his brother in time out. I was mid-summons to get Cole back into the kitchen when a terrible wail ensued. I ran into the family room to see Cole in a puddle on the floor, and Jake willing him to get up and not cry.

Me: What happened?!
Jake: (defeated) I kicked him…in the head.
Me. Go. To. Your. Room. NOW!

Jake scampered up the stairs. I cradled Cole, who said, between sobs, that he needed to go to his room, too. Tate, also, had to go to his room. I said no. I gave Jake 5 minutes, and went in to talk to him. Hubz got home and cleared the other 2 out of the room.

I asked Jake why he thought I was upset. He accurately stated 3 of his actions that upset me. I asked how he felt. He said he was sorry, and he gave me a hug. I thanked him for his apology. We got ready to go downstairs. He asked for a show. I reminded him that there was no tv. He called me an ugly cow. (Whuck?! My sweet, empathetic child called me an ugly cow!?!?) Oh, hell, no….

I looked him in the eye and said no tv means no tv. I left him shuddering in my cold wake. He was also deprived of his Nintendo Ds and any other electronics. He could stay in our yard, outside, or he could read a book.

When asked why we were being “so mean”, I told him next time he thinks about using hurtful words or kicking his brother in the head, he’ll remember the time he lost his tv and electronics privileges…and he’ll think twice about doing it again. He knew exactly why he lost his privileges…

So, yes, I was the bug yesterday….and he was totally fresh…and not in a good way. *sigh*


Comments on: "That’s Fresh" (3)

  1. Man, we had a little of this in our house yesterday as well. Hoping for a better evening today — all around.

  2. blogginglily said:

    Good god! Tough day at the office! Hopefully that little parenting workout you put in yesterday will pay future dividends, but that’s small consolation when your kids are being. . . nice-challenged.

  3. Testing his boundaries but that kick?! Oh my goodness. I would so not be happy. You got it from all angles yesterday didn’t you? I hope Tate and Cole are feeling better now. I have no idea how to handle that whole situation with Jake other than what you did. I hope it works. ((Hugs))

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