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Seven years ago yesterday we moved into our house. We were preparing for “bigger and better” things. When we moved in, we quickly chose a bedroom for Jake. It was perfect. We had two spare rooms…for “someday”. In those early months they housed boxes and cast-off items we no longer wanted.

In the summer of 2005, Hubz and I began negotiations on a second child. He wanted to start immediately when we moved in the house. I wanted to get more organized, and was hoping Jake would be sleeping better. I also knew how dependent Jake was on me…and couldn’t imagine having TWO little people to manage, in addition to myself.

By August of 2005, with the house relatively in order, I agreed to try for another baby. We forged ahead with “Project Baby 2.0”. Conceiving, it appeared, was fairly easy for us, as the doctor confirmed my pregnancy on August 30.

My pregnancy with Tate was non-eventful. I had minor morning sickness, and my asthma actually improved. I didn’t gain excessive weight, and my sciatica didn’t get too uncomfortable. The only issue seemed to be that Tate was breech…and quite preferred to stay that way.

After our 28-week appointment, I remember my greatest concern was getting him to turn. I tried laying on the floor in certain positions. During my prenatal water aerobics classes I would go upside down in the water. I would talk to my belly and massage it in a circular motion. And, yes, I even tried putting frozen peas on my belly to prompt him to turn. (Google is not always your friend, ladies!)

At my 32-week appointment the doctor did another ultra-sound. He was still breech. They scheduled my date–May 2, 2006. I was getting excited. I packed most of my bag. We bought small gifts for Jake from his baby brother (cheesy, I know). We got the baby’s room ready.

Six years ago, today, we hosted Easter. I was 2 days shy of 37-weeks…that beautiful week in pregnancy when a mom can say, “enough” and prays that the baby comes “any day now”. I remember feeling incredibly uncomfortable at Mass. I had to sit down. Just felt “off”.

Our Easter dinner went well, and Hubz and I enjoyed our evening. We both had the next day off so that we could go to the doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound and check-up.

On Monday, April 17th, we took Jake to daycare, then came home, picked up the remaining stuff from Easter, and cleaned up. I had a 1 pm appointment, so I decided to eat lunch AFTER we were done. To kill time prior to the appointment, we got Starbucks and walked around our outdoor mall.

Once I was at the doctor’s office, they took my vitals, and told us the doc would be with us shortly. We waited…and waited…and the room got hotter…and hotter…and as it got hotter, I felt a few more “Braxton Hicks” contractions. I was miserable. Hubz got up and asked about the doctor. Luckily she was just about to come in our room.

We made some small talk as she checked my chart. My weight and blood pressure were fine. She had just returned from her maternity leave, so we joked about how if it were up to us, pregnancy would only be about 32 weeks. We chatted a bit more as she said that they’d wait to do an ultrasound until the following week. Hubz was bummed. The doctor started her exam and got quiet. By the look on her face I could tell that she was concerned.

Are you having any contractions?

Um, just a few Braxton Hicks, why?

Ummm, eh, yeah, you’re just about 4 cm dilated, and 100% effaced.


You’re having a baby today!  I want to do an ultrasound to check if he’s still breech…I think he turned.

They whisked us into the ultrasound room. I was hopeful. Maybe, just maybe….

There he is! Annnnd…nope, still breech. He must have a bony little butt! Ok! We will call the hospital and tell them you’re on your way. Any questions?

Can I go home and get my bag?

No. You are in labor, he’s breech, and we can’t take chances. We’ll do the delivery after office hours, so you’ll have time to call someone.

Ok. Thank you. Hubz and I exchanged looks…we were in shock!!

The staff all wished us luck and congratulations as we walked out. I was in absolute shock. How could I be 4 cm and not feel anything?! I tried calling my mom–busy. I tried my sister Cee, no answer–left a voicemail. My sister, K, was at an interview. I left her a message anyway. Hubz called his mom. She and my FIL were halfway home (they lived 2.5 hours away). They would come back the next day…I tried my mom again–busy. Hubz got a hold of his sister, and she was able to get Jake from daycare. I called daycare to let them know the situation–they were terrific about it..and very excited.

After 2 more calls to my sister and mom, I finally got a callback from Cee. I explained our saga, in tears by this point. She was more than happy to go get my stuff from the house…and our camera!

I don’t really remember who finally told my mom, but she came to my house and cared for Jake until Hubz got home.

Once we were in the hospital, they got me admitted and started prepping me. The nurse did a quick check, and found that I was progressing so quickly that they would have to call the on-call doctor to have her come deliver my baby. We got to the hospital at about 2:15, and Tate was delivered at 4:21 p.m. on a sunny April day.

Due to the sedative they gave me, I am kind of fuzzy about the rest of the evening….except I know that trying to nurse Tate, while still numb from anesthesia was a joke. Hubz left at 10 pm because I couldn’t stay awake to talk.

In those first days, we had no idea how “special” our son would be as he got older. How many challenges and frustrations he’d face. How difficult so much would be…or how rewarding his achievements would become. However, we did know how special he was, and is, how much our hearts could grow full of love, and how protective we were of our precious little boy.

Comments on: "Nostalgic Thoughts…" (3)

  1. I love baby/delivery stories. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I’ll do mine one day. It’ll be nice to have it somewhere other than in my memory.

  2. me to, I love hearing birth stories.

  3. Our sons are so close in age.. Mine was born at the end of May 2006 (he was early). That’s so bizarre that you were so dilated and not knowing that you were in for reals, labor! It sounds like you tried so hard to prepare and organize everything but in the end, surprise! Tate had his own mind as to how things would go. . . and if he’s anything like mine, he’s been vying for control ever since his arrival! 😉

    Happy Birthday Tate!

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