A family's story

Terrorizing Two-and-a-Halfs

Kid #1 was the easiest 2 y.o. EVER! Seriously…his tantrums amounted to nothing more than a little whining and “melting” into a puddle when he didn’t get his way. He listened well, and wasn’t very naughty. My mom used to tell me I was lucky. I had no idea.

Kid #2 was hard. He barely communicated, whined a lot, had tantrums of mass destruction, and was so delayed in so many ways. He didn’t so much get into things as it was too hard to plan and execute. He never slept. He was very dependent and didn’t try to assert independence. He went with the flow only because he couldn’t let us know if he really didn’t want to go. He was in such a state of overwhelm that he didn’t attend much of what was going on. We just had to watch out for puddles and sticks. He stimmed and sensory-sought for both of them.

Kid #3…sigh..kid #3. This kid has done me in in ways his brothers never could. It’s the beauty and, as I am finding out, the curse of having a typically developing kid. Why didn’t anyone warn me?! I know about the “terrible twos”. I know about their awful brother, the “tantrummy threes”. But the “terrorizing two-and-a-halfs”?! What the ef?!

Cole’s M.O. for the day is to destroy and conquer. Whether it’s a physical mess, such as my family room stands right now, or an emotional one, such as the tantrum I had with him last night, the kid likes to make a mess. Period. He’s an adventurer. He’s an explorer. He’s an instigator. And he does all these things quite well. When he feels victory is imminent,  he cackles this evil kind of laugh. I’m so NOT kidding.

I am not sure that we are going to survive this. It’s bad when the 8 y.o. hides from the 2 y.o., shouting, “take cover!” As he tries to save himself. Let’s not even get into what happens when Tate enters the picture. For a child who lives.by.the.rules.PERIOD., Cole’s behavior is an aberration. Tate shakes his head in disbelief most days…and I think I agree with him. What is Cole’s deal?!

So, if I go missing, check the bunker I am crafting in the basement…that may be my only hope of survival over the next 18 months. I’ll safely emerge once Cole in the “fantastic fours”. Until then, my friends, duck and cover…your fate is in your own hands if you venture this way!!


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