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Whiney Wednesday

I am convinced that when they hand out the brochure about parenthood, they forget to mention the appendices full of disclosure that must accompany it. I think the salesperson forgot to include that when Hubz and I contemplated this journey back in the early 2000’s….

One of the biggest omissions was the section on whining. Why, oh why, didn’t I read the full disclosure?! No one told me about it…until AFTER we went ahead and had our first bouncing baby boy. It seems that as soon as a child begins to breathe, the whining kicks in. All 3 of my boys “exceed expectations” when it comes to fulfilling this requisite of childhood.

I suppose I should be happy that they are all over-achievers with something…but, um, no. I could do without the whining. Really. It hurts my ears. It makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up on edge. When one of my boys is whining, it’s like I can’t get it out of my head. It is insidious.

Truly, it could be used as a torture technique. Get all 3 kids whining together, and I can guarantee you will get every last sordid detail of my life out of me. Or you could get all of my worldly possessions…just make it stop!

I am writing about this today because my 2 older brats kids have off today due to teacher institute. Since 6:30 this morning, all 3 have taken turns whining about something. Jake was hungry/thirsty/bored. Tate wanted to wash his hands/vacuum/insert-some-other-perseverative-behavior-here. Cole wanted me/the TV/a toy to himself. By 11:30 I had had IT!

Not a proud mommy moment here, but I shouted that I needed 5 minutes to myself to think, and I wanted nothing but quiet. Jake and Tate burst into tears. Huh?! Cole looked like he had been zapped by a stun gun. As I backpeddled and went into crisis prevention mode, the boys calmed down. I left the room, quickly, so as to not cause any more drama.

And then, there it was…quiet at first…then a bit louder…and finally to the point-of-no-ignore….”Moooommmmeeeeeeee…” Gaah!! The whining!!

My saving grace today is that Cole is napping, Tate is doing ABA therapy, and Jake is rotating between TV, playing with some rediscovered cars, and reading a book. This 3 hour window is giving me a small, but totally necessary break to gear up for the “crazy” time between 3:15 and Hubz-backup.

Wish me luck…

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